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Our "raison d'être"

Without them, we would not be where we are and we would not do what we do. We provide guests a home as well as a relaxing experience that enhances their ability to take the most out of their journey in Évora and the Alentejo region.

Our concept is different from other hospitality businesses. We rent spacious and charming flats, not rooms, but we also provide guests with the usual services found in upscale hotels.

We welcome short-stay visitors as well as long-term ones for which special deals exist. 


Where we found inspiration

Casa Morgado Esporão is an historical building at the heart of the oldest district of Évora—The Roman district. When we acquired the house, it had been abandoned for over 40 years and it was in accelerated state of degradation. We restored the house with utmost respect for its history and cultural heritage. Indeed, more than adapting the house to the project, we adapted the project to the house. Almost every architectonical detail is a consequence of our respectful approach to the restoration of the house. 


We care for future generations and the natural world

Humans have been exploiting more natural resources than Earth produces. One consequence is dangerous climate change. The other is unprecedented biodiversity crisis. We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and strive to reduce our footprint on the planet by: 1) generating  ~2/3 of the electricity consumed with solar panels; 2) collecting rainfall in our roofs and storing it in our 43,000 m3 cistern for use in the garden and cleaning of outside areas; 3) planting mostly native flora in our garden and avoiding pesticides. 


We value our people

It would make no sense to care for our guests, our cultural heritage, and the environment and then be careless about those working with us. We are conscientious that the feeling of wellness and balance we strive to create around us is possible only if people working for it are happy with what they do and how they do it. Therefore, we give high priority to management of our human resources by taking their personal needs in account, investing in their professional development, and opening space for regular dialogue in our weekly staff meetings.   

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