January 13, 2019

 2018 was our year one. According to our guests from Booking.com we achieved the level "excellent" with a total score of 9.5. The year before, our year zero, we scored 9.3. We would like to thank the generosity of our guests as well as congratulate the whole team since...

September 7, 2018

Novo acordo:

Casa Morgado Esporão oferece 10% de desconto sobre preços de tabela em reserva direta a clientes da American Express.

New deal: Casa Morgado Esporão offers 10% discounts on announced prices with direct booking for American Express clients

January 11, 2018

Despite having started to receive guests while restoration work was still in progress we were lucky to find mostly generous guests who recognised the unique character of our project and its quality. The result was an overall ranking of 9.3 (superb) given by those visit...